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"How goodly are thy tents, O Jacob, thy dwellings, O Israel!" - Numbers 24:5

Mission / Vision

mission & vision

The mission of  Temple Judea is to enrich lives by creating
joyous Jewish experiences that inspire action. 

WE challenge ourselves to learn, to grow, and to act guided by our traditions, teachings, and wisdom of our Torah.
WE create a warm and loving environment which allows soulful prayers to be hear
WE build enduring relationships based on mutual respect, loving hearts, and the need for a supportive community.
WE strive to make Judaism accessible and relevant to all who seek to infuse meaning into their lives.
WE welcome, embrace, and honor the diversity of our members. 
WE support our country, the State of Israel, and the Reform movement while recognizing and respecting differing points of view. 

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"You cannot teach a person to love. Love is infectious.  

So if you want someone to love, you yourself need to love." - Amos Oz


Interested in becoming a member of Temple Judea?

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