Welcome from Temple Judea's President: Karen Lowenstein

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It is with a great pride and enthusiasm  that I serve as President of Temple Judea’s Board of Trustees. As we all know, these are challenging times for the Jewish community. However, history has taught us that through solidarity and commitment, we will flourish. As your President, is my hope to build on the strength of our sacred community, and to also serve as a conduit to help develop new bridges to our broader Palm Beach Gardens home. I welcome the opportunity to meet you – please call the temple office at 561-624-4633, to schedule a personal meeting with me. Thank you in advance for your continued involvement, support, thoughtfulness, and connections. Looking forward to building upon the past and to create a future together with you.

Karen Lowenstein

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"When we come together for a sacred purpose, we endure." - Pirkei Avot