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Torah Project  

Inscribing Their Future – Letter by Letter
The Torah we inscribe together
as a sacred community
will be our legacy for generations to come.
The 613th Commandment

From Generation to Generation….
It is not often that we have a chance to create something that will last beyond our years.
Please join us as letter by letter, we write the future, for our children and theirs……


To sign up -simply go to: 

A special thank you to Earl Abramson and Sheila Schlaggar for their
most generous donation to underwrite our new Sefer Torah made in honor of Rabbi Yaron.  We are truly grateful to them for their continued support, leadership, and friendship.  It is with great respect that our new Torah will be named
the Abramson/Schlaggar Torah.

“Write for Yourselves this Songand Teach it to the Children of Israel.”Deuteronomy 31:19

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